The challenges these pose for you and your business can be reduced by An Accounting Gem team, giving you the opportunity to focus on running your business. Our Company Secretarial services are vast and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

We can provide all-year-round company secretarial functions to keep you legally trading, wherever you’re doing business.

How we can help

Below are some of the services we offer as part of Company Secretarial Services to our various clients with different service Packages.

Company Formation Services

Same day formation of a limited company with no signature or paperwork required. We will ensure that the appropriate structure is in place so the newly-incorporated entity meets requirements.

  • Application of the business bank account.
  • Provide online or printed share certificates.
  • Provide online or printed certificate of incorporation.
  • Provide online or printed minutes of the first board meeting.
  • Provide bound memorandum & articles of association.
  • All company documents can be sent to you by email.

Maintenance of Statutory Books

For trading companies, we offer a Maintenance of Statutory Books service.

  • We will hold the Statutory Registers at our address and will update them as and when changes are made to the company management structure.
  • We will also reconstitute statutory books in electronic format.
  • Set up and Maintain People with Significant Control (PSC) Register.
  • We will prepare supporting paperwork for changes in shareholders/members and officers of the company.
  • Registered office facility. Our offices will be the address where all official documents are served, and therefore can be expanded to include a mail forwarding service.
  • File the Annual Confirmation Statement for each year that the service remains active.
  • Provide Company secretarial due diligence and other disclosure requirements.
  • Change accounting reference dates as required.
  • Change registered address of Companies.
  • Change the officer addresses at Companies House.

Creation of Multiple Share Classes for Tax Efficiency

Generally, a company will have a single class of shares known as ‘Ordinary’ shares and these shares will confer upon the holder full rights with regard to voting, dividend and capital distribution.

In some circumstances it may be beneficial to have more than one class, often referred to as ‘Alphabet Shares’, in order to grant different shareholders different rights.

Most common is the desire to grant different shareholders with different levels of dividend, but rights can be varied to achieve most goals.

Other Company Secretarial Services

We can assist with most Company Secretarial procedures, including:

  • Share for Share Exchanges.
  • Re-Registrations.
  • Share Allotments.
  • Share Transfers.
  • Rights and Bonus Issues.
  • Reconstruction of Statutory Registers and Shareholder’s Agreements.

Whatever your requirement, please speak to our team of qualified company secretaries for a quote.