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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Employing Staff

If you’re a business in the UK, hiring staff can be a big decision. Before taking on employees – whether on a full-time, part-time or self-employed basis – it’s important you have a good reason for adding to your workforce and understand…
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How To Sell Your Business

There are many reasons that you, as a business owner, might decide to sell your business. The business might be failing, or you could be tired of running it. You might have a new opportunity you want to pursue or have other life changes that…
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Ways To Improve Your Staff’s Mental Health

As an employer, mental ill health within your workforce can lead to lower productivity levels, increased absences and potentially staff conflict. As a result, raising awareness of mental health at work should be one of your priorities as a UK business.
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Why Should Self-Employed Taxi Drivers Use Our Service?

You are considered a self-employed taxi driver if you work for yourself and set your own hours. Even if you use someone else’s vehicle for your job and use the services of a dispatcher, in the eyes of HRMC you are considered an independent contractor. Because of this, you will need to deduct expenses on your self assessment return, to lower your tax bill.
CIS Contractor, VAT

Changes to VAT for CIS contractors

If you’re in the construction trade and are unsure about how these new VAT rules could affect your business, read our handy guide below which outlines what the new domestic reverse charge is and how it will be implemented.
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Marginal Gains, What Are They And Why Do They Make Massive Gains On Your Profits?

Brailsford’s idea of marginal gains comes from the notion that if you break down the various factors that go into riding a bicycle, and improve each part by 1%, the rider and their team will benefit significantly when all these parts are put together.
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Why Use Your Accountant’s Office As Your Registered Address

Whenever we receive a letter from a business or whenever we visit their website, the company’s registered address will be there for us to see. You don’t have to choose your home address or your office address as your registered address – in fact, there are good arguments on why you should select your accountant’s address as your company’s registered address.
VAT, Value Added Tax

VAT Cash Accounting Versus Standard VAT Accounting

For the vast majority of goods and services we buy for ourselves or for our businesses, one-sixth of the value of each of our purchases will be for Value Added Tax. In this article, An Accounting Gem describes what VAT is and when you…
Challenger Banks

Small Businesses Owners Join the Challenger Banks Revolution

In an age where the internet dominates our entire society, is it any wonder that customers are turning to convenient and ‘in your pocket’ solutions for their banking.  Money management is an essential part of being a grown up.  Anything…

Helping Charities and Sports Clubs – Are there Tax Implications?

Philanthropy in business is always a good thing with many small and medium enterprises viewing charity donations and sponsorship as a way of giving back to the people and the areas in which they are based. There are always benefits for the…