Registered Office Maintenance

We will look after your Registered Office Address

By law, every Limited Company must have a registered office. The company secretary - if you have one - is usually responsible for establishing and maintaining it - it's the company's address for formal communications.

The registered office must be a real address, but it doesn't have to be the place where you do business. Most of our clients with Limited Companies use us for company secretarial duties and use our address as their registered office. The reason is because you must be able to deal promptly with any mail sent there. Companies House along with H.M.R.C will write to you at your registered office and someone you owe money to might send a legal demand for payment to that address. If you don't reply quickly, they might push your company into insolvency.

By law, the name of your company must always be clearly visible to any visitors to the registered office and any other place where you do business.

At An Accounting Gem, we can take care of all this for as little as a £100 per year.

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