About An Accounting Gem, Ipswich Accountants

About Us

We are an Ipswich based, family run firm of accountants and bookkeepers that have been helping local businesses since 1988. We formed An Accounting Gem in January 2005 and we currently help over 170 businesses in and around the Ipswich area.

  • Jeremy Buitenhuis
    Jeremy Buitenhuis MAAT, CIMA Cert B.A.
    Managing Director
  • Lynda Buitenhuis
    Lynda Buitenhuis ICPA
  • Eunice Pink
    Eunice Pink
    Senior Accounts Manager
  • Nicola Goldsmith
    Nicola Goldsmith
    Accounts Manager
  • Janet Pipe
    Janet Pipe
    Accounts Manager
  • Tracy Keeble
    Tracy Keeble
    Accounts Manager

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